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We have created courses about NLA in English and Spanish (with French and Portuguese on the way!)

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"This has been a wonderful course that has really improved my knowledge of gestalt language processors, the stages, and how to best work with them collaboratively. I really appreciated the examples of goals, how to analyze the language samples, and how we may need to step back and reassess our traditional therapy approaches that we were taught in grad school"

"I've been an SLP for over 10 years. I have felt as if I've known this all along and was repeatedly told to ignore scripted language and repeatedly told that echolalia or delayed echolalia was meaningless or a symptom to be fixed. This never felt right. This course helped me to better explain to parents how their child communicates. This course helped me better educate my client's teachers and caregivers as to how to best communicate with the children in their care. I also love that I can check back as needed."

"It has given me more clarity to give myself grace when scoring. There is so much background information to know in order to make the right stage choice. It was very helpful to see that other therapists have questions about stages of their GLPs. I had taken another course previous that was very rigid with scoring, I found it almost impossible to meet their standard of scoring without know the child."

"This course was excellent! I almost left the SLP field and when I first learned about gestalt language processing, it totally changed the way I delivered therapy.This course was informativeand with many practical examples. I felt uncertain about my abilities with language sample scoring and once it was stated that things can change even with a session,it made me feel more confident!I also feel much more confident with supporting GLPs in the later stages. Thank you for this amazing work you all do!"

"I really enjoyed this course so much. I felt like this is what I needed to fill in some of the gaps I felt I had with developing grammar and more advanced grammar. I am looking forward to continuing to be able to better serve my GLPs!"

"This course has forever changed the way I will provide therapy services - not just in terms of looking at language acquisition differently, but also in terms of really driving home the importance of fostering meaningful connections and relationships with all of my students.  It reiterated the importance of parent input and input from various members of a student's team or life.  I am forever grateful to Marge, Paulina, and Amanda for the beautiful way they shared their knowledge so that others can best support students who acquire language through gestalt language processing.  The language sample modules were an excellent way to practice my skills while feeling supported! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!"

"I feel more confident in supporting the clients that I work with. It has opened my eyes to what these children have been trying to really tell us and now they're finally being heard. I have been able to build the most meaningful connections with the children which has resulted in really joyful and fun communication. Families are beginning to understand the power of echolalia and are building meaningful connections with their child more and more. Can't recommend this course more. Thank you for all the hard work you've put into it."